I saw it coming. I knew that something in my career will have to change. I have heard the last breaths of a dying technology. And when I was out of a job I knew that I had to adapt or make a career change. I made the hard choice and left the comfort zone of developing games for a living and started pursuing a career in front end development. It went well and I haven’t looked back over a year.

Then I decided to write this blog. And what is a blog worth without a theme? Suddenly it hit me. A lot of my ideas were related to games. I was no longer part of the game industry, but the games were still part of me!

I do believe that games are the best and most fun way to learn new stuff. So in the pursuit of learning new stuff, I will be sharing my knowledge and experience with anyone who’s interested to learn some serious front end development.

More about me and stuff I did and do visit my portfolio site.

So goodbye Mario and hello, world.